Who We Are


We are an organization of citizens, residents of Indiana County and Armstrong County, who trust and believe in the United States Constitution as the overriding authority for our government.


Further, we believe that our government has neglected and ignored the stipulations of the United States Constitution.


We are dedicated to seeing the Constitution restored to its proper place as the Supreme Law of the Land.


We will work to that end as responsible citizens.


We invite any and all others who believe that our nation has strayed from the original intent and focus of the Constitution to join with us to return the Constitution to its intended purpose as the guarantor for our liberty, our freedom, and our prosperity.

Our Monthly meetings can be found at either:



From Elderton,go to the Town Hall just West of the Traffic Light at the grocery store.





Rustic Lodge

2199 Oakland Avenue,  Indiana, PA 15701

Near the Indiana Mall


For more information e-mail us at indiana.armstrong.patriots@gmail.com